Editions Les Allusifs

Les Allusifs bookmarks
Les Allusifs bookmarks

Éditions Les Allusifs is a literary publisher based in Montreal, Quebec. They publish literature in translation for a French-speaking audience.

Looking for a way to distinguish their books in a crowded marketplace, they approached the design company, Paprika to help them create an identity program for their books. The results are spectacular.

Why don't all publishers have a brand? If I see and orange spine and a certain flightless bird, I can be assured of a certain level of quality. The grandaddy of the publishing brand, Penguin Books, has been around for seventy-five years. You'd think that other publishers would have learned from Penguin and followed their lead.

Perhaps the times they are a-changing. The folks at McSweeney's seem to have a clue. The Art of the Novella series at Melville House is stunning in its simplicity, and the good folks at Archipelago Books had the good sense to hire the incomparable, David Bullen to design their sumptuous editions.

People DO judge books by their covers, and Éditions Les Allusifs is giving them a reason to pick up their books.