Heavens to Murgatroid!

Amazon.com is collecting signatures for a ballot initiative to keep its affiliates exempt from sales tax. But why stop at just Amazon affiliates? Don't the brick and mortar bookstores deserve to get the same tax breaks? The owners of Green Apple Books think so. According to co-owner Pete Mulvihill:

  • More than two-thirds of Green Apple’s staff do not have children and therefore should not really contribute tax money to public education;
  • Most of the staff members do not own cars, so maintaining good roads isn’t that important. They could just walk;
  • Statistics suggest that booksellers are 36% less likely to use emergency services than antiques dealers;
  • Although many of the staff at Green Apple do in fact enjoy state and local parks, they sort of think someone other than the bookstore’s customers should pay to maintain them;

I urge you to whole-heartedly support Green Apple's initiative.

DISCLAIMER: Green Apple's initiative contains material on “sales tax.” “Sales tax” is a “theory” regarding the re-distrubution of wealth. It is an idea promulgated by Communists to support their “lifestyle choices.” As such, it should viewed with suspicion by all patriotic Americans. ;)