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A Strange Object

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A STRANGE OBJECT is an independent press based in Austin, Texas, dedicated to publishing surprising, heartbreaking fiction alongside thoughtful ephemera. We're talking about fiction that haunts and inspires—big work that engulfs, that takes risks, that bucks form, that builds warm dwellings in dark places.

In choosing a name for their new literary press, A Strange Object, Callie Collins and Jill Meyers turned to a quotation from an early Donald Barthelme short story, “Florence Green Is 81.” In the story, a character describes the aim of literature as “the creation of a strange object covered in fur which breaks your heart.”

It’s a quotation that seems especially resonant, now that many in the publishing industry wonder if physical books are an endangered species.

“We believe in the subtle art of subtraction,” added Ms. Meyers. “Publishing fewer titles, but very fine ones.”

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David Isaacson