The Folio Society

Folio Society

Founded in London in 1947, The Folio Society publishes carefully crafted editions of the world’s finest literature. They believe that great books deserve to be presented in a form worthy of their contents. For nearly 70 years they have celebrated the unique joy to be derived from owning, holding and reading a beautiful printed edition.

Beautifully crafted, imaginative editions of the world’s great works of fiction and non-fiction, Folio Society books offer a rich literary experience to readers of all ages. The books selected for publication are timeless – they will be enjoyed and appreciated now and in the future. Because each book is considered as an individual object of value in its own right, there is a variety to their aesthetic – the only uniformity is in the quality of every single book.

The Folio Society
Clove Building,
4 Maguire Street,
London SE1 2NQ
+1 866-255-8280