Paul Renner

Paul Renner.png

Paul Renner was an eminent twentieth century German graphic designer, type designer and typographer. He was also a remarkable painter and teacher. He is best known for designing Futura typeface which became the milestone creation of twentieth century and influenced the modern typeface designs.

Although he was not directly affiliated with Bauhaus movement which emerged in 1920s, he strongly supported its principles and aims. He was a significant member of German Work Federation. He lent his expertise in developing a new set of guidelines for good book design. He was closely associated with another noted typographer Jan Tschichold. 

He began writing from 1908 onwards and prolifically produced work on design and typography. Renner’s notable works include Die Kunst der Typographie (The Art of Typography) and Typografie als Kunst (Typography as Art). In these works he set the guideline for sophisticated book designs.

David Isaacson