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Originality lives here. Here is a place built on a hopeless and unwavering love for the output of the human imagination; a place of wide smiles and infinite horizons where books, music, and any other notion that endeavors to open one heart to the wonders of another will always have a place at the fire: a creative tavern of the soul where we can experience our best selves through reading and writing and listening. And enjoy others doing the same.

The publishing arm of Sundance Books and Music, Baobab Press is committed to extending the vision of the bookstore by sharing works of art--no matter how divergent in content, style, and form--with readers near and far.  Their goal is to help their authors grow books that resonate today and will continue to be vital in the years to come. 

Sundance Books and Music
Levy Mansion
121 California Avenue
Reno, Nevada 89509

David Isaacson